Monday, October 5, 2009


I didn't get married and ride my bike on the same day. Apparently that was unclear to certain readers. The wedding and the bike ride were simply the only two things that I had photo evidence of doing in between blog posts. I did, however, go for a short run before the wedding. It provided clarity for vow-writing.

In other news, I'm in Kona with 5 days left until the race. The trip hasn't been without its drama, but all in all, I've been lucky to be able to spend some extra time here acclimating with some gracious friends, the Rubios. I'll pull out my camera before too long and tell some stories.


Phaedra Cote said...

I miss you Coops. By the time you get home from Kona, these dogs will be barkin'. Wish I was there.


MarkyV said...

so i wasnt the only one!? :D ;)

TriMoot said...

Haley! I'm soooo excited for you! Good luck and I'll be watching for you at the finish line, say around 11:15:00 this year? (11:23:33 last year) Tell Rick his old neighbor on Cherry Lane says hello! SOMEDAY I hope to do this race!
Paul Mooter

hillerie said...

Sending you great kharma and the best of luck for Saturday.

May your swim be swift, may your tires stay fully pumped and may you have a tail wind in both directions, may you feel strong and be fleet of foot on the run. We will be cheering you from Bruce Regensburg house.

petjo956 said...

So good luck for the race! I could stand to go for a light jog myself.


Eric Sachtjen said...

Good Luck today!

TriMoot said...

WOW!! You totally rawked! That's more than an HOUR off from last year!! Amazing!
Well, please please please write something up on your blog! We're are all waiting to hear how it went. Please be detailed (minus the bathroom stops). Thanks!