Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tired Shoulders

My inaugural blog. It's relatively late, and I have snow to shovel, homework to do, a car to clean out before this weekend's road trip and 3 pairs of skis to wax. Nevertheless, I am happy. Yesterday got off to a brilliant start with a 12 mile run along the country roads at my dad's house and an afternoon/evening ski with Aaron (whose ski session started at 9:00 am and finished at 5:30!). I had a few fleeting moments of feeling remotely coordinated on the classic skis before switching over to the oh-so-familiar skates. The beauty of the past several weeks' excessive snow is that all the slogging through ungroomed snow makes even the cold, abrasive, and semi-soft conditions of yesterday seem fast. It's also a treat to have Aaron tired enough to ski my pace and give me helpful technique advice. It was a beautiful, peaceful, and cold evening at Mt. Spokane.

In unrelated news, I got really excited about organic chemistry today. I thought that I hated chemistry, but I really only hate it when I don't understand it. In contrast, I love being able to genuinely conceptualize the molecules that we are learning about. I am continually amazed by the geniuses who not only comprehend such material, but actually come up with it. Science has come so far in the past 200 years, I can only imagine what is in store.

Otherwise, my shoulders are tired. After yesterday's intense double poling on my slow classic skis, two days in a row of hard skating, and a big swim this evening, my arms are certainly feeling the hard work. In keeping with the theme of the blog, however, it's a happy soreness. I am so lucky to be able to be able to play and get stronger. I just have to remember that it will pay off in the form of faster swim times this season. Thanks for reading.

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LORIE said...

Haley. . . welcome to the world of blogging!! Look forward to hearing about your journeys.